On-Page Optimization


After we’ve finished building a website for a client, we’re already anticipating their next question: “when do we show up in search results?” The real question is how – and we have the answer!

To rank highly in search engines, your website pages and content must be optimized for keywords for which your customers are searching. Our On-Page SEO service includes keyword research and optimization of your title tag, description, headers, and content. When finished, your site will be prime to rank highly and attract your target customer.

Because every client has different needs, we will first run an audit to discover where your site is strong and where it needs work. Then, we will optimize each page and deliver a report after the work has been completed.


Each website project requires a well-defined process to ensure proper on-page optimization.

• First, we must understand the topic of the page that we’re optimizing.

• Next, we perform keyword research to determine the best keywords to optimize for, evaluate the competition, establish keyword intent, and more.

• Then, we will execute optimization for both users and search engines for each element of the page, including title tags, meta-descriptions, h1s, images, and internal links.

• Finally, when we’re finished, we’ll provide a complete on-page report.


The cost for on-page optimization can vary, which is why a thorough analysis of your website, your competition, and your goals is required. However, on most websites, it’s not necessary to optimize every page. Generally, only the most important pages receive the work, like your products or services page. Ultimately, this invaluable service turns out to be very cost effective, particularly when you begin to see your website climbing up the Google search rankings.

If you would prefer to talk with us directly about On-Page SEO or any other Doubleshot service, feel free to call us at 615.828.9758. We look forward to working with you!