Brand Strategy

brand development

Organizations often focus first on its business strategy – trying to define how the company is going to fundamentally operate in order to be the most successful – and leave brand as an afterthought. But what many organizations miss is that brand is the clearest expression of business strategy. As such, they should be developed in tandem.


Changes in leadership, entry into new markets, or the development of new products and services typically take time. Therefore, an organization should have the time to focus on being proactive about how its brand should change to reflect these shifts in the organization.

“Your brand is one of your organization’s most valuable assets―it deserves to be more than an afterthought.”


  • We know that you never climb a mountain by accident
  • Our work is deliberate and driven by specific goals
  • We integrate brand strategy with business strategy
  • We focus on your core values
  • We anticipate your needs and act rather than react
  • We find creative solutions that produce successful outcomes
  • We make you relevant and help you stay relevant

what’s a brand consultant?

An expert brand consultant can be the key to driving new business and scaling for long-term success. At Doubleshot Media, we work with company owners, partners, and senior managers in the areas of creative, technology, and business development to help realize their revenue potential.


Because no one ever climbs a mountain by accident, our efforts to help our client companies reach new heights are deliberate and driven by specific goals. After developing a high quality brand, we thread it through every aspect of your business and establish repeatable standards to position your company for rapid growth.


In short, our job is to make your company relevant and then employ strategies to keep it relevant.


  • You’re starting a new company
  • Your current brand is outdated
  • Your website is not performing well
  • Your revenue growth is stagnant
  • You’re introducing a new product
  • You want to reach a new market
  • You’re stuck and ready to reach new heights

our process

MARKET RESEARCH & ANALYSIS The first step to creating an effective brand strategy is to analyze the current state of your company, including your physical and digital assets, your audience, your customers, and your competition. With this information, we can articulate what your brand can help the business achieve.


BRAND STRATEGY The results of our research help steer the process of defining your company’s purpose, mission, and values. We will then focus on what makes your products and/or services unique and devise an effective strategy for communicating with prospective customers.


VISUAL IDENTITY & COLLATERAL Your company’s name, visual identity, and collateral are directly correlated to your level of success. We will devise create solutions that produce successful outcomes, and always ensuring that your brand is communicated with consistency to create loyal customers.


WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT Because your website is open 24/7/365, it is the most effective marketing and sales channel for your company. We will steer you down the path to digital success and ensure that your brand, products and services are showcased in the most effective way possible.


KEYWORD RESEARCH & SEO After conducting a comprehensive audit, we optimize your website for both people (customers) and machines (search engines). You can count on us to always utilize best practices that are designed to significantly improve your online visibility and industry authority.


Typically, new clients come to us by referral from existing clients. We’re particular about who we work with, but always excited to see how we might be able to help. We would love to hear your business story to determine if working together could be a good fit for both of us.


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